Wetland BMP Knowledge Exchange

A venue for sharing boreal wetland best management practices information to raise awareness and foster collaboration.


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About the Knowledge Exchange

The purpose of the Knowledge Exchange is to provide a venue for sharing and exchanging information about boreal wetland best management practices (BMPs) with industry, government, academia, consulting, conservation organizations, and other interested contacts. 


The goal of the Knowledge Exchange is to increase information transfer, foster collaboration, and increase trust and transparency amongst these groups. 


In January 2016, Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) hosted a two-day Wetlands Best Management Practices (BMP) Workshop. The Workshop focused on collaborative engagement to discuss planning and operating BMPs that could be adopted by regulators, industry, and other stakeholders to effectively manage Canadian boreal forest wetlands. Participants included industry, government, consultants, and not-for-profits. 


The Knowledge Exchange was developed to address a need identified by participants of the Wetlands BMP Workshop for a coordinated network of contacts with an interest in working together to develop, implement, evaluate, and share information about potential wetland BMPs. 


  • Supported and facilitated by Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC)

  • Focused on boreal wetlands BMP information (e.g. studies, products, and demonstrations); however, relevant BMP information from other regions (e.g. prairies and parkland) will also be shared

  • A platform for engagement and contribution 

  • A method of sharing information from DUC and other organizations and companies about opportunities for collaboration, upcoming events, newly released products, project summaries, and other BMP-related information

  • Public (anyone can join), but members will need to subscribe to have access to shared information. To protect the privacy of the subscribers, the subscription list will not be shared with other DUC groups, Knowledge Exchange members, or other organizations. 


  • For the purpose of soliciting donations or advertising (however, once a regular newsletter is established, there may be opportunities for newsletter sponsorship and/or a small amount of unobtrusive paid advertising to be included)

  • An open forum. Knowledge Exchange members who have information they want shared as part of the newsletter will go through the DUC administrator.

  • The DUC administrator reserves the right to edit, refuse to publish or remove any content from the newsletter for any reason, including but not limited to, that we believe part or any of the content: (i) is in need of editing for grammar, spelling, or overall readability; (ii) is off topic; (iii) is inaccurate; (iv) is false, misleading, or defamatory; (v) is offensive, abusive, or uncivil in tone; (vi) is harmful, threatening, or intimidating; (vii) contains profanity, hate messages, or personal attacks against others; (viii) constitutes any form of advertising or solicitation; (ix) violates another person's or entity's intellectual property rights, publicity or privacy rights or other legal rights. 

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